Trinity fosters mentorship relationships between year 12 and Year 7 students. Year 12 mentors build a close relationship with the year 7 students by meeting them on a regular basis to provide a feeling of stability in their first year of secondary school.

Sessions are aimed to provide guidance, encouragement, and emotional support to the year 7 mentees. It also provides the Year 12 students an opportunity to grow and develop their abilities by helping others.

Topics discussions include: Goal setting, Time management, being responsible, understanding emotions, building self-esteem, homework tips, study habits and more.


The role of a School Chaplain is to provide social, emotional and spiritual support to students, parents and staff, taking into account the specific needs of the school.  We share God’s love, hope and good news to children by providing day to day support whether this be through one on one conversations, group activities, helping at sports day, school camps and excursions.

Our vision is to see each child and young person connected and supported in community, serving others and experiencing fullness of life.

Primary and Secondary Students can make appointments at any time and talk about what is going on for them in a safe, confidential space.  Parents can also contact the Chaplains via the school office if they want to make an appointment with us.