Trinity College now caters for over 500 students from Kindergarten to Year 12 and is rapidly becoming the school of choice for the Gladstone region. The Trinity College culture is built on Living, Learning and Community: Christian Living, Christian Learning and Christian Community. Based on the principles of Living, Learning and Community, Trinity College offers world class, high quality Christian education that develops future leaders equipped to positively impact their communities for Christ.


Our Kindergarten has a strong relationship with and works in close partnership with the College’s Prep staff to prepare children and their families for their transition into Prep. As we are blessed to be a part of the Trinity College campus the Prep classrooms are located within the same Kindy area. The Kindy and Prep children share the same outdoor play space, so when children transition from Kindy to Prep, they are already familiar and comfortable with the outdoor play areas. Throughout the year Prep staff come and say hello to the Kindy children and start to get to know them for the following year. In Term 4 we run our ‘Step into Prep’ program where Kindy children go and visit both Prep classrooms several times in the afternoon to join in with their learning. Trinity College also has a Transition Day where each year level goes to the next year level for the day to help with the transition for next year. Our Kindy is part of this Transition Day and all children attending Trinity College Prep the following year have their Transition Day in Prep. Prep staff run parent information sessions for Kindy families outlining the learning and expectations for the Prep year. In this session parents are invited to ask questions and get to know the Prep staff. Our Kindy is on the same campus as Trinity College. Within our Kindy program we have Music and Library lessons each week. We use the College’s Library and Music rooms and join in with Primary Chapel at the Church on Wednesday mornings in Term 4. We also explore the Trinity College grounds by having nature walks and joining in whole College events such as the Book Week dress up parade and the Colourful Fun Run.


In 2012 the College commenced its Kindergarten program catering for families wishing to have their children in a Christian Early Childhood setting. This allowed families of Kindy age and school age children to attend the one campus together. Trinity College is a ministry of the Gladstone Baptist Church and is affiliated with Independent Schools Queensland and Christian Schools Australia which is a national association of over 125 schools and 40,000 students. The College is directed by an elected board which meets monthly. The College also has a PIP (Parents in Partnership) Committee who meet regularly.