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Kindergarten to Year 12

Established in 1985 and originally catering only for Primary education, Trinity College has grown to offer a seamless educational program from Kindergarten to Year 12, all on one innovative campus.Today, Trinity College is rapidly becoming the school of choice for discerning parents and their children in the Gladstone Region.A culture of Christian living, learning and communityOur education empowers young minds from Kindy to Senior Secondary, to challenge, develop and build underlying belief systems that equip our students with attitudes, behaviours and habits for success in whatever field or endeavour they decide to pursue.


The College was established in 1985 as Gladstone Christian Community School and catered for Primary Education. Over the years the College grew and in 1993 extended to include a full Pre-school Program. In 1998, the school changed its name to Trinity College, as it prepared to introduce Secondary School to Year 10. In 2012 the  College commenced its Kindergarten Program catering for families wishing to have their children in a caring Christian Early Childhood setting.  In 2013, Trinity  College commenced Senior Secondary; and now offers a seamless educational program from Kindergarten to Year 12 on one site. In 2015 the College opened onsite Outside School Hours and Vacation Care to ensure a full care offering was available to families onsite; and began a bus service.Trinity College is a ministry of the Gladstone Baptist Church and is governed by a limited liability company. The school is affiliated with Independent Schools Queensland and Christian Schools Australia. These organisations work together with schools to provide support in areas such as government representation, curriculum,  management, student and inter-school activities.Our College is governed by an elected board which meets monthly. The board is comprised of the College Principal, and representatives from Gladstone Baptist Church.


We understand the importance of providing the highest quality education in an environment that encourages children to excel in every area. Within and beyond the classroom, your child will have the opportunity to live, learn and experience a sense of community.


Our mission is to educate students in a Christian environment, developing future leaders equipped to positively impact and influence their communities for Christ and the greater good.We strive to provide a vibrant and safe learning environment where students gain the confidence in themselves to meet life’s challenges, build lasting relationships and gain a clear understanding of who they are in Christ. As a Kindergarten to Year 12 Christian College, we help students on their journey of learning for life. The end result is students who are more compassionate and confident and who possess the academic skills and character for success in life. We achieve this by working with our students to discover and develop their passions, skills and abilities.

student life

Each student of Trinity College Gladstone is a treasured member of the College whose individuality and contributions are valued. While the College provides personal encouragement, students are also taught to value their peers and to build meaningful relationships. Students can enter life’s challenges with respect for others yet have a preparedness to communicate their own beliefs.Through leading by example, we teach children to treat each other with respect, work together, assume responsibility for their attitudes and actions — and demonstrate a loving, caring disposition.We believe that friendship, respect and participation are central to a positive learning environment and to achieving strong academic results. Learning to work with others while understanding the true value of loyalty and faith helps to develop students who are proactive in life. They also develop a broader, more enriched view of the world.