College Sports

When you consider the term “sports” what is the first thing you think of?

Usain BOLT running a sub 10 second hundred to win an Olympic medal?

Kurtley BEALE scything through the All Black backline and setting up the winning Bledisloe Cup try?

Laura GEITZ scoring in the last minute to lead the Diamonds to victory?

Or could it be Stephen CURRY shooting a triple double in the NBA Finals and sinking the dreams of the Boston Celtics?


Trinity College considers the term “sports” and equates it to words like development, realisation, experimentation, vision, decision, action and most of all enjoyment. The greatest sports moments are those that are not often seen by the rest of the world on multi-national broadcasting giants or social media. Trinity College views the sports world through the eyes of a proud parent.


When we see our students try a new sport for the first time and succeed at the very basics like catching a ball, running their first ever cross country, jumping in a long jump sandpit, kicking a left footed goal, being selected in their first representative team, joining the High Performance Unit, or going on to represent their State at National Sporting events; it makes us proud to have played a small part in this aspect of their life.


This is what “sports’ means to us.


So, what do we offer?


Crusaders Rugby Union:

In 2017 Trinity College developed its first ever travelling sporting team, the Trinity College Crusaders. This team was chosen to represent the College in the sport of Rugby 7’s and travelled to events such as the Gladstone 7’s, Western 7’s and Queensland All Schools 7’s. These events extended the members of the team beyond the sporting life available in Gladstone and developed a strong bond between within the team.


Fast forward to 2018 and Trinity College now has travelling teams in 3 new sports Basketball, Netball and Equestrian. All of the teams are branded as Crusaders and all have individual qualified coaches.


Crusaders Basketball:

Prior to the formation of the Crusaders basketball teams, Trinity College had teams competing in the Gladstone Basketball Association competition which ran on Thursday nights. The vision for Basketball within the College changed in 2018 with a proactive view to developing the players and the team numbers. The College has 3 volunteer coaches who work with the players development. In 2018 the Trinity College Crusaders Basketball teams will once again compete in the Gladstone Basketball competition and for the first time will play in the Gold Coast International Invitational in July 2018.


Crusaders Netball:

The Crusaders Netball teams have joined their basketball brethren and will join the Gladstone interschool competition before competing in the Vicki Wilson Cup and Shield for the first time in College history. This heralds a new vision with netball at the College with the program headed up by two volunteer coaches both who have vast playing experience.


Crusaders Equestrian:

This is a first for not only Trinity College but also Equestrian Australia as no other school in Gladstone currently has an Equestrian team. The team currently consists of one team member who has been devoted to her sport for several years and on the 21st of April 2018 competed for the first time as part of the Trinity College Crusaders. The goal is to grow the sport of Equestrian at the school to develop team numbers and provide further sporting opportunities in this unique sport.


The sports director is continually seeking new and innovative ways to provide opportunities for all students to become involved in sport. The unique opportunities that sports can provide the Trinity College students is the driving force behind the creation of the Trinity College Crusaders. The sports director in consultation with the College Executive is looking to add two new sports in 2018. So, WATCH THIS SPACE….

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