Fee Information


College Fees

College Fees are comprised of Tuition Fees and NonTuition Levies. These levies contribute to costs such as
incursions, excursions, swimming lessons and student
accident insurance. For secondary students, the levies
also contribute to the macbook program to cover
device hire, software and technical support as well as
the following:
Year 6 Camp
Year 7 Camp
Year 9 Camp
Year 11 Camp
Year 7-12 Technology/Software Fee
In addition to this, the College provides optional access
to clubs and after school activities. While some of these
activities are at no-cost, some of the activities are
charged separately e.g. Music Tutoring, Academic
Competitions. The fees include planned activities but
occasionally an unplanned opportunity may exist.
Parents will be notified of these opportunities as they
arise and invoiced separately as appropriate. We
attempt to keep non-tuition levies ‘inclusive’, to allow
for better budgeting and planning.