Are you looking for Quality Christian Secondary Education?

Our Secondary school teaches not what to think, but how… in an atmosphere of academic rigour, discipleship, Christian Character and Personal Development –while catering for the specialised needs of young adolescents and preparing them for the demands of life beyond school.

Trinity College offers a unique approach to help students discover their true capabilities as they develop socially and explore new subjects and interests – encouraging them to apply these skills to their lifelong learning and faith.

The ‘seamless’ nature of the curriculum offered at Trinity College provides a truly transformative education from Primary to Secondary schooling and beyond.

It is our hope that by the time a student graduates, they have the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to be confident in themselves and the ability to progress successfully through life.

Our goals in the Secondary School are not only to prepare our students for the world of work or study, but to graduate young people who know who they are, where they come from and where they are going in God’s plan for their lives.

Students are provided with options to easily make the transition from College to the workplace with a choice of Vocational Education, relevant Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority subjects, or training in the workplace. Career advice is provided to help students develop a clear focus as they approach their final years of College life.

The College also has positive working relationships with local universities and training institutions. If students elect to complete recognised certificate courses or early tertiary entry, they may obtain credit towards their tertiary studies whilst studying at Trinity College.

Trinity College Gladstone has a reputation for graduating students who know who they are and who have the confidence and intellectual resources to achieve their goals. This provides the very foundation for some of our greatest thinkers and members of the community.

  • Gladstone’s first choice for Quality Secondary Christian Education.
  • Feb 20, 2017 – THE leading OP schools in Gladstone for last year have been revealed, and it shows we have some very clever young people. But, Trinity College has the most impressive claim of all schools with 40% of their students being extremely high achievers receiving OPs in the range of 1-5.
  • Trinity College offers Kindergarten to Year 12 on the one campus.
  • Trinity College Middle School offers specialist programs designed to meet the physical, social, academic and spiritual needs of developing adolescents


The Trinity College Middle School is aimed at addressing the specific needs of adolescents to make their schooling less alienating. It is based on the shared belief that young adolescents need an education where they can explore themselves and the world in which they live.

Our Goal

actively encouraging self-driven involvement

It is our goal that 100% of all school leavers progress to a job, traineeship, apprenticeship, TAFE or university degree.

We do not limit learning to the classroom. We see the whole world as a source for learning. Enrichment and Special Interest activities provide opportunities to explore personal interests at a deeper level.

Working in partnership with students’ families, Trinity College lays the foundations for achievement, responsibility and involvement in an active and healthy life.

We recognise the individuality of each student, his or her strengths, and their God-given gifts. We pray that a Trinity College graduate would have an emerging confidence, an appreciation of their community and their own contributions to it – and most importantly, to encompass the principles of “Christian Living, Christian Learning and Christian Community.”