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This portal was developed rapidly, in response to the COVID-19 crisis in Term 1 and 2 of 2020.
Whilst it is currently not in use, it remains on our website to view, as evidence of the high quality education we strive to provide to all students in all circumstances, utilizing technology to enhance education. For example, this time helped shape our current Learning Management System in High School.


A message from the Deputy Principal and Head of Primary, Mrs Kelly Dernehl:

We want to partner with you as parents at this time, whilst we will continue to provide your students with the most enriching learning program that we can. We want to support you at home as well. We will be in regular contact with you, and available to provide.
advice and support as much as you need.


We have created a Primary remote learning plan which is flexible and meets the needs of our students and families.  Our hope is that the learning plan, in the work packs picked up weekly, will create a familiar routine for students while also providing flexibility for families. Further, we have scheduled morning check ins via class Dojo with recorded messages by each class teachers. This way, you and your child can see their teacher every morning and find out what they are to complete that day. Teachers will also be phoning parents to check in with them, and they will be available for a Zoom conference, should you prefer a ‘face to face’ conversation. Information about using Zoom can be found in the ‘Additional Learning Resources and Help Guides’ section on the main page.


The remote learning plan for primary students follows a Monday to Friday learning schedule, with Wednesday and Friday afternoons being devoted to physical activity and health and wellness activities. You may like to follow any of the suggestions in the ‘Wellbeing Hub’ on the main page, or you can simply allow your child to have some free time with you and their siblings. Chapel will continue to be run each Wednesday, and the recording for this can be accessed via our Facebook page, and in our ‘Weekly Communications and Announcements’ section on the main page. In these chapels, Mrs Dernehl will conduct a greeting, devotion and announce any birthdays or other special announcements for the week. We encourage your children to watch this, as a way of feeling connected with Trinity.


Over the course of the next 5 weeks, we will continue to hold special days and events for which you can submit photos – it is important that you still feel connected to the Trinity community!


  • TA’s will be available to support students in each of our classes.
  • TA’s will connect with their designated students regularly throughout conversations with teachers, TA’s, and families.
  • We may be able to provide 1:1 or small group support at school for several our students.  This will be determined through conversation with the Learning Enrichment Coordinator and families.
  • TA’s will be available to meet with students in small groups via Zoom, for the purposes of our Minilit and Multilit programs etc.
  • The schedule for those will be determined.
  • Our Learning Enrichment coordinator will connect with families of students with diverse needs to co-plan how best to serve and meet the goals of the IEP.


It is best to continue the normal learning day as much as possible, to ensure consistency, however there will always be flexibility as you meet the demands of your children learning from home all at once!

Your child’s teacher will have sent home a sample schedule and we encourage you to stick to this as much as you are able, however we understand if you are unable to!

In general, our students will follow a schedule like below:


Work packs will be available for collection each Friday. At this time, we would request that you drop off the previous week’s completed work pack and collect the new weeks’ worth of work. We request that your child does not complete any of the work until they have received specific task instructions from the teacher. We suggest putting the work pack out of reach of eager children’s hands, or those of their younger siblings!