At the forefront of our College, and the very essence of its existence, is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our students and into the classroom. Through all that we do, we have three main considerations: What is best for our students, what is best for our school, what is best for our community: all three accentuated through a Godly context.

We are very proud and blessed by the school’s achievements that cover a wide range of activities, given its relatively short existence. The College boasts an impressive sporting faculty, with Rugby Union, Rugby 7’s, netball, rowing, basketball and football, to mention but a few, all supported by our High-performance unit which provides a forum that specialises in athletic conditioning and toning for assistance with optimal performance.

As far as technological advancement goes, the Secondary College is an Apple integrated learning facility, whereby each student has a school supplied MacBook on which school subjects and assessments are being submitted.

Undoubtedly one of Trinity College’s major strengths is our passionate staff. Our teachers, supported by a network of caring Teacher Aides, are dedicated to support and encourage every student to develop to their full potential, to discover their purpose in Christ and to aspire to be the best they can be, making positive and good choices every day.

When it comes to those situations where the pressures of everyday life, the journey to adulthood or just a bit of extra care and compassion is required, our school chaplains and Teacher in Charge of Secondary are experts at guiding our students through any challenges.