Consider a Trinity College Education for your Child!

Parent voices

  • I love the community atmosphere at the College. Parents are always made to feel welcome, both by the staff as well as fellow parents. My children love that there are lots of activities & sporting teams they can participate in. The commitment to giving our kids a top quality, Christian education is excellent. I truly feel like my children are in a safe, secure learning environment & they come home happy & filled with stories about their day.
  • I just wanted to let you know how well the kids have settled into Trinity. The warm, caring nature of Trinity staff and your school community in general have both contributed to a smooth school transition that has been relatively easy and surprisingly enjoyable for myself and all the kids. We have only been with Trinity for one term so far, but already I can see the positive influence that Trinity is having on all of them. My three children are all completely different, academically and socially, and they are all thriving in their own unique way. One even likes going to school now, for the first time ever!! Another is starting secondary school this year, and pretty much said it all when she made the comment ” Mum, I don’t understand… Where are all the mean kids??”
  • I wanted to say a heart felt thanks to you and all the staff at Trinity for making us all feel so welcome, and for helping the kids to become happy and relaxed students of Trinity College.

Student voices

student one

Why I love Trinity College?
Trinity offers a Christian learning environment, with amazing opportunities to grow in many areas. This enables students to have a firm rock to build and establish leadership skills on. The sporting facilities within the school are growing and are seeing increased participation. We have fantastic teachers, who show dedication.

The school culture of the students shows a willingness to learn, participate, with a heart attitude to be here. We are proud of our school and achievements because we the student body are the ones who set those achievements.

What makes us the best school is that we have great student leaders in our school who are trying to make school the best environment it can be. We have great teacher support and parent support evident all through the school community. We are small which gives opportunity for one on one help when needed. We offer a great range of subjects and opportunities which will only increase as our numbers increase. Those who go to our school are proud to go to Trinity.

I have been a student at Trinity College for over half of my life, and while I have been a student I have seen several changes and many people come and go through the years, but despite these changes this school has remained a community full of loving caring staff, students and parents. Trinity is a place where students are cared for not just academically but across the range of needs a child has; each student is met where they are and helped to excel in areas beyond those academics and sports. Trinity empowers its students, and gives them an environment of acceptance where students are able to grow confidently into who they are, and succeed in what they want to do. It offers an education that is like no other.