Trinity College Primary

The main purpose of Primary schooling is to ensure that all students gain a permanent love of learning that will cultivate their imaginations, foster creativity and encourage innovation. Through engaging, real life and personalised learning approaches, we help our students grow as; thinkers, problem solvers, self-managers, communicators and researchers. All of our Primary classrooms are air-conditioned, helping to provide a comfortable and productive learning environment all year round. Our classrooms are places of interest, challenge, nurture, friendship, order, respect and hard work.

During the Primary years, children begin to develop a sense of self; they establish independent relationships and social friendships. The Trinity College teachers have a passion for educating the whole child and a deep commitment to the spiritual and psychological development of our students. They recognise each student as unique, striving to help them realise and develop their God-given potential to a level of personal excellence whilst being nurtured, respected and valued. Christian values are an integral part of the students’ day, beginning with prayer and devotions and infused throughout every facet of the curriculum.

Trinity College teaches the Australian Curriculum from a Christian Worldview. As a result, our students are not only taught the standard expectations, but have the privilege of understanding the world in which they live from an eternal and meaningful perspective. Our Primary School curriculum covers English, Mathematics, Science, HASS, HPE, The Arts, Technologies and Christian Living. Specialist teaching staff, including Physical Education, Music and Library,provide specific expertise to value add to the learning environment. Our ultimate goal is to help each child develop the ability and desire to manifest the Fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, whilst achieving excellence in all facets of education.

All students, from Prep to Year 6 participate in:

  • Cultural events
  • Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals
  • Book Week
  • Visiting musicals, drama performances and speakers
  • Excursions
  • Other special events